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 For All Your Ready Mix Needs

BC Materials is locally owned and sells the highest quality products for any Commercial, Residential, Industrial, TxDOT or Army Corp need. We join with our clients to complete all projects in a timely manner with superior results. We offer unique enhanced mix materials and a wide range of supplemental products to meet the special requirements and provide more value to our clients.

Commercial And Residential Concrete

We are ready and waiting to deliver all your concrete needs. We can handle everything from small A/C pads to a full house slab and drive for your new custom home and almost any size commercial project. If you need concrete services, we have all the skills you need.

BC Materials - Volumetric Concrete Mixers

Pump Concrete Services

For all your pump needs, BC Materials has skilled experts with more than 20 years of experience

Volumetric Concrete Mixers

BC Materials reputation in the volumetric mixing marketplace attest that our trucks are maintained at the highest levels. Rules for calibrating and quality control meets ASTM C-685 standards for volumetric mixers as well as ACI's 304.6R-91 specifications. Each truck is also certified and plated by the Volumetric Mixer Manufacturer's Bureau. Before selecting a concrete producer, visit our facilities to discuss maintenance and quality control. Each of the necessary ingredients are contained in separate bins and are measured volumetrically. Our trucks are outfitted with multiple admixture tanks and can produce any mix a job may require.

Early High Strength Concrete

Concrete cures and hardens after mixing with water due to a chemical process known as hydration. This is a timely process which can be reduced for quick turn around times by adding accelerators. These chemical admixtures speed up the process of hydration and hardening of the concrete, while still achieving the high strength requirements.

Lightweight Concrete

This concrete introduces expanded shale and clay (ESC) to the mix design to reduce dead-load weight, facilitate internal curing and increase insulative attributes. ESC enhanced concrete decreases cracking, increases workability and enhances long-term strength.

Specialty Admixtures

Accelerators, Super Plasticizers, Finishing Enhancers, Crack Reducing Fiber Reinforcement and temperature control can be employed during the manufacture process to enhance concrete performance and withstand extreme weather conditions.